Yi-Family is an established Homestay and has been in operation in 2018 as Yi-family Homestay. Yi-Family equally owns by family name YI, Our Family his farmer till Sam is the third son of family raise idea to support the family economically, and the rest of the family member devoted to helping with his parent property.


Yi-Family provide excellent comfort accommodation in the village. We are not just providing it the accommodation that we are offering is the experience in Permaculture in our eco-lodge premises. The interesting for the guest must spend some time visiting our area it is because our differentiate. We are focusing on Permaculture combines organic gardening, ecological design, natural swimming pool, and collaborative community projects to create cultural alternatives and human habitats that regenerate the Earth. They can experience with Sustainable living, showing they care about the environment, promote and educate this new activity change the world.

Our Family

My Father is Mr. Pin Yong. He is a farmer and carpenter. He works so hard in his life to set his kids to go to school because he was born and growing during the war so he can’t go school.


My mother name Sa Em. She look after me and my sibling. She stay home and make khmer wine and raising pigs to earn more income supporting family.

Yi Sinouv

Pin Sam Arth

Yi Sam Ang

Yi Chhanneang

Your Host ________________________________________________________________

The house was built in 1994 and finish in 2009 by my father and me, and we want to share this inspiration is love family, community, and environment. Today we have three cottage wooden Khmer house with 15 rooms. The core value of our services is the experiential the unique by adapt the concept of permaculture to preserving the natural by focusing on recycling, tropical garden, and spices, environmentally friendly. We expect the income from the room and food services, but we give back the experience education and advice activity in the village that makes a difference. We believe the trend of tourism is slightly changing their interest. As climate matter and environmental issues, permaculture has come a popular element that most tourists hear but exciting to understand and experience it.

I am Thary I will be your host during your stay. I love cooking and garden. Welcome to our home.

Find us

Where we 

Address: No:174, St:63, PorbanteayChey Village, Sangkat Siem reap, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia, Postal code :  17259  

Mobile: +855 (0) 92 82 24 24 or  +855 (0) 89 76 63 37

Email: yifamilyhomestay@gmail.com