We build our home to protect our environment

Yi Family is an established Homestay and has been in operate since 2017 as Yi family Homestay. Yi Family equally owns by family name YI, Sam is the third son of family raise idea to support family economically, and the rest of family member devoted to helping with his parent property generate the revenue and give back to the family by rent fee, Sam currently managing and maintaining the business and satisfying customers’ requirements.

Yi Family Homestay

The long-term goal of Yi-family Homestay is creating a differentiated experience on permaculture and environment care, the historical nature of the Wooding House building, and its unique place, which is not far from town. We plan to be more than just a homestay. We plan to create an environment of sustainable living, which is all manage resource create the most comfortable place for the standard fare in Siem Reap.

“You can spend your whole life traveling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can create it in your backyard.”
― Khang Kijarro Nguyen